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Tour of the Wine Producing Regions of Australia

Wine Producing Regions

Few things of life can be more invigorating and refreshing than touring places that you have never been to before, more so if it means taking in the wide open countryside. And if you can blend in wine tasting into your itinerary, you can be sure that it is going to be a once in a lifetime experience.

A visit to Australia’s wine growing regions is almost a must for connoisseurs of good wines. Let the beautiful landscape wash over you with a glass (or maybe two or three) of wine under your belt and you have got sorted a vacation that you are never going to forget.

Here are some of the must visit places for you if you plan to tour the wine producing regions of Australia.

The Adelaide Hills

Best known for chardonnay but not limited to it only. The area also produces pinot noir and is home to what experts say is the country’s best and classiest sauvignon blanc. Adelaide Hills also makes world-class Champagne inspired bottle fermented sparkling wine.

Even though the place is a world away with 100 year old elm and pine trees and quaint cobblestone pathways and streets, it is only a half hour drive away from CBD. Do try out exotic Mediterranean and German dishes and good eats.

The Hunter Valley

Concerts might be instrumental in keeping Hunter Valley in the limelight on the tourism map of Australia today but it is Semillon that has catapulted the region on to the international stage of excellence. The wine can live in bottles for decades. The Hunter Valley was established in the 19th century and is one of Australia’s oldest wine growing regions. At peak production periods and in greatest growing seasons Hunter Valley can boast of the finest chardonnay in Australia.

Hunter Valley is also a gastronomic delight. Afternoons can be spent at the Goldfish Restaurant to refresh the palate or at the Tempus Cellar Door for a bout of wine tasting and imbibing sterling cocktails. Usher Tnkler Wine is a must visit place for truffle infused Salami and a glass of sparkling wine.

Yarra Valley

Right on the doorsteps of Melbourne, the rolling vineyards of Yarra Valley are known as much for its stunning beauty as it is for its sophisticated wines mainly comprising of those that flourish in cool climates. These include chardonnay, pinot noir, medium bodied cabernet and spicy Shiraz.

Going on a food and wine tasting spree at Yarra Valley should be on top of your to-do vacation list when you go around Australia’s famous wine producing regions. Visit De Bortoli Wines for an Italian fine dining experience or the Four Pillars Distillery for a round of wine tasting. For a taste of specific local fare with fresh and simple dishes Belle Verdereis should be the place for you.

Some of the other places that you can take in on your great Australian wine tasting trip are the Margaret River and the Barossa Valley.